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Monday, February 17, 2014

New Life

Today I placed a new, crisp 'Welcome" flag on my small flag holder.
A lady on the nearby sidewalk corralling a couple of dogs smiled widely and waved.
The dogs raised their heads, sniffed the air and wagged their greetings, too.
With joy I returned their greetings feeling refreshed by another's presence.

Next I placed the dish for the birdbath on the stand by the gate to my patio.
The Central Texas breeze was flapping the welcome flag to signal new friends.
Chair and table were placed at the perfect angle for visiting with folks.
The teakettle whistled a cheery hello for any who might wish to visit.

Next to the steps to the patio the earth is pushing up the grasses of spring.
The green fingers of plants reach toward the warmth of the sun.
For at least a few days the cold of winter is not controlling every moment.
My soul revels in the many small, precious moments of this new life.

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