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Sunday, February 9, 2014


I grew up on a farm in North Central Texas.  Hardly ever even saw snow in my life before moving to Missouri in 1975.  I never snow nor water skied.  I never ice skated.  No sleds or curling or any of the other things of the winter Olympics.  So why do I absolutely love the winter Olympics?

It is the pure athleticism of the participants.  The jumps of the skaters when they land on a blade the width of a knife.  The skier that cuts a trail with the edge of a ski around a sharp corner of packed snow.  The snowboarder inventing a new move during an event.  The determination in the faces of people pushing a sled down an ice covered shoot then jumping in and gliding as one being.

Sure there will be misses, crashes and already a broken leg on the moguls.  It is risky business.  Politics really have no place here for this is about years of training, years of work, decades of sacrifice by the athlete and the families.  I hope no president ever takes that opportunity away from these deserving individuals again.

And Go U S A!!!!  And all the other amazing athletes throughout the world.

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