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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Photo Challenge - Cold

I read the theme for the week and saw beverages.  Then I spent several hours dealing with a camera issue.  Since it is cold outside I attempted to get a picture of a cup of steaming tea.  Try as I might, I never could get the steam rising from the cup.  Even opened the door to let in quite a stiff breeze.  Messed with screwed around with Used Photoshop to enhance the pictures to have a variety of effects.  Fired up the blog site and there it was .... Cold.  As in (lots of options) and beverages.

Well, I can assure, the cup of tea in this picture is cold.  Had to reheat it in the microwave to enjoy with a cookie.  But if you would like to see pictures of really cold scenes and objects bundle up and slide on over to Thursday Photo Challenge!

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