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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Carpe Diem's "Remember This Music?" #1
"Take this Waltz" by Leonard Cohen

The unbelievably creative blog host, Chèvrefeuille, has come up with another approach for inspiring us to write.  "Today I will introduce to you an all new feature and I have called it "Carpe Diem, Remember This Music?" And as the title already said this new feature is all about memories of music."

After listening to Leonard Cohen's "Take This Waltz our host wrote the following:

 the last waltz -
I saw her again after a while
my first love

her blond hair waves in the wind
looks like golden sunlight

in the first daylight
as I awake next to her
she looks so beautiful

"take this waltz", she whispers in my ear
and cuddles her naked body to mine

© Chèvrefeuille

I read the other participants entries.  I have been sitting and thinking about songs that brought images, emotions, anything to me.  I. am. drawing. a. big. blank.......  Then I cruised the net much as I did the strip in McKinney back in the late 50's and into the mid 1960's.  The age of rock and roll shared with older sisters, cousins and friends.  I was only 19 in 1966 when I began dating my husband of 47 years.  One song just does not do.  So I compose as I listen to everything from Fat's Domino to The Platters, The Beatles to The Mamas and The Papas.  Throw in some Chicago and BeeGees and then there is a feeling.

Imagine Doo Wop

love in every beat
teen hearts full of youthful love
sparkling idols

running to retrieve lost rings
waves washing away love notes

brassy sax sounds
piano pounding singers
bobby sock dancers

free love in communal fields
helicopter rhythmic beats

©  Janice Adcock

handsome man at door
first glimpse of future as one
floating on orange waves

slightly shy eyes at six feet
tender heart ready for love

young body afire
gentle hands exploring -
rhythmic crescendos

fixed gazes in dim doorway
could this really be the one

©  Janice Adcock 

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