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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Chèvrefeuille's challenge today is to write a series of haiku using 12 words.  "If you follow the words clock wise than you can compose four new haiku. This feature is just for fun and I hope you will as much enjoy it as I did have fun and joy to create it."

1. mirror
2. leaves
3. rain
4. butterfly
5. chrysanthemum
6. breeze
7. stars
8. clouds
9. ocean
10. daisies
11. cow shed
12. secret

Not sure I am up to this latest challenge given my very novice state but here goes:

mirror reflections
leaves face covered with tears
like fall rain

a new butterfly
bright chrysanthemum bouquet
to lift spirits

stars seem to mock
clouds hide the joyful moon face
crashing ocean waves

daisies growing wild
cow shed shaggy winter coat
depressed secret shows

©  Janice Adcock

For my Spin Cycle friends, I am entering this as my response to secrets.  I doubt that it is much of a secret that I have been bedeviled by depression a large part of my life.  May be genetic, may be a result of abuse in my developing years.  Neither matters now as I no longer have to battle that demon.  Even the deep anxiety is at bay except when an 18 wheeler pulls too close.  Years and years of counseling, proper medications, wonderful friends, forgiveness and now blogging all seem to work together to make my life really good.

To hear more secrets or share one of your own join with Ginny Marie and one last time with Gretchen over at The Spin Cycle.

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Hosts Gretchen and Ginny Marie

Second Blooming

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