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Thursday, September 4, 2014

If I Were Queen Of The World

If I were Queen of the World

First thing I would decree
Is all men must sit to pee

Then next would be said
All tobacco crops are dead.

Now look out all you CEO's
Out the window your huge salary goes!

Next would come the teachers pay
It will reflect the key role that they play.

Of course corruption would be ended
As no politician existed to be friended.

Bullies would learn the joy of peace
Ah, nerds, no more fear of a butt crease.

No more would exist that evil Greed 
For in this idyllic place we'd have all we need

No police nor armies nor weapons of war
As all are respected both near and far.

How it would happen I do not know
For not one single prophet ever made it so.

You may think I am a big, liberal dope
I like to think I am just filled with hope.

This official edict is 

©  Janice Adcock
Queen of the World
And I would make me this age and weight again.   Appearing
with His Royal Highness, King Gene.

For more of what all us would be royal queens would do, please, join the coronation celebrations at 
The Spin Cycle.  You can be a queen, too.

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Hosts Gretchen and Ginny Marie

Second Blooming
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