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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just a Post, No Meme

I have been doing so many memes of late that I seldom just write a post.  So here goes.  Hubby and I have been getting back in the morning walk routine.  The cooler weather makes it ever so much more inviting.  He did and extra half mile today.  While he did that, I began tying up some of the vines that were tickling our heads when we sat on the patio.  Then it was on to the worm composter for maintenance.  I think we may have either drown or starved the worms as there are not nearly as many as the last time I did the maintenance.  It is really amazing how quickly the veggie scraps are consumed by the little critters.

Next I started digging our some more of my fall decorations.  The metal scarecrow is gracing the flower bed outside the patio fence, a small arrangement of gourds (that I put together today) on the gate, a fake pumpkin on the patio table and a fall wreath on the small flag stand.  The  table by front door has a small arrangement I put together today.  And more gourds hanging from the table.

Inside there are more fall decorations.  Added some witches and other little Halloween stuff replacing the summer stuff.  I need to make my Revlon doll a witches costume.  Or not!... During the time I did these things, Hubby began putting a rub on the ribs he bought yesterday.  He spent the rest of the day playing with the new grill/smoker that was his birthday gift.  Looks like a yummy dinner in the making for a little later.

There has been another side to the day that has been a time of concern.  My BIL was having a procedure to check the after effects of a mild heart attach yesterday.  Before the end of the day he had a stint installed.  Sis reports he is resting with the help of good pain meds.  Very thankful for the staff and care BIL is receiving.

In addition Sis received word during all this our sweet Aunt Opal is now on hospice.  Aunt Opal's daughters are asking for visitors to come see her.  This news leaves me with a heavy heart tonight.  Sounds like there may be a second trip to Dallas this month.

Let me get this sadness turned around.  Sis and BIL have a new grandbaby due any day now.  And to quote our Youngest Grandson, "When you eat all the Charms all that are left are the Luckys."  Here is hoping the Luckys spread some happy dust around Sis and her family.
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