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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Little Creatures

"Honor the Little Creatures"


"I made a pilgrimage to the temple of Tokaiji in Fuse. Feeling sorry for the chickens that followed after me longingly, I bought some rice from a house in front of the temple gate and scattered it among the violets and dandelions. Soon they began to fight among themselves here and there. Meanwhile, pigeons and sparrows came flying down from the boughs and were quietly eating up the rice. The chickens coming back, they flew off to the branches again, sooner than they wanted, no doubt wishing that the kicking match had lasted longer. Samurai, farmers, artizans, merchants and all the rest are just like this in the way they live".

scattering rice, -
this also is a sin,
the fowls kicking one another!

Kobayashi Issa

©  Janice Adcock

As I wander around the flower beds surrounding our patio the aroma of roses and honeysuckle greet me.   Some days I help myself to a few of the blooms to place in vase to enjoy indoors. Other days I will deadhead the rose bushes.  Occasionally I simply tromp around with my camera to capture what I see.  There on the rose was a most unusual little creature.  I snapped away at the fast moving bug hoping a few of the shots would be clear.  Later I researched the little creature.  The lovely creature is an assassin bug, Celus luridius.  Its bite is painful for humans and deadly for other bugs.  It is a good creature for the garden as it likes aphids and other pesky type insects!  Just pleased to have seen the assassin and not touched! 

handsome little bug
quickly moves across petals
ant appetizer

©  Janice Adcock

©  Janice Adcock

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