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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Words by Francis of Assisi (3)

[...] "Remember that when you leave this earth you can take nothing of what you have received, but only what you have a given: a full heart, enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice, and courage". [...]

seeking foreign tongue
gentle child and grandma work
shared treasures
©  Janice Adcock

Saturday we had the pleasure of spending time with our little family. Our son, three grandsons and youngest nephew gathered at Son's home for pizza and visiting.  Son, Girlfriend and Youngest Nephew left to enjoy the pleasures of life outside the home.  We stayed to enjoy the pleasures of time with our grandsons, unsupervised by a parent.  Grandpa and the older two boys watched a movie.  Later Middle played a few hands of poker with Grandpa.  

Youngest is eight and thinks outside the box, always.  Youngest Grandson and I used a translator to help him "learn Portuguese".  We thought up words and would type into the translator.  He would write the English word on one side of the card and the Portuguese word on the opposite side.  The funny squiggles that add sounds to the Portuguese language gave Youngest Grandson the most problem.  Once the writing was complete we listened to the word sounds from the digital voiced translator.  We took turns repeating the words.  We even came up with the words for things Dad was needing for Youngest to do:  bath - banho;  bedtime hug - deitar abraço; pajamas - pijamas. We did proper names for several favorite soccer players and found they were the same.  Aunt, uncle, Grandpa, Dad, on and on till all the cards were filled.  

Bath was taken and he found more empty cards!  Then a deal to look up 5 or 10 more words before bedtime hug (deitar abraço).  Finally to bed but not to sleep as he was studying the cards intently.  Grandpa (Vovô) climbed the stairs and removed the cards (cartões).  Youngest will probably grow up to be a translator.  Right now he is looking to be a rock hunter.  Oh, the dreams of a child.  Oh, the shimmering gems of love.  

on her deathbed
she looks back on her life -
lotus flower blooms

© Chèvrefeuille

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