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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

+38 - 21 = Flight boarding day, March 23

This was another PT day with Chris.  He was telling me he could release me today as I have achieved all the goals set by the doctor.  That is being able to achieve and maintain over a period of days a flex of >120 degrees and 0 degrees extension.  That has been done both days this week.  I am to only do the exercises 3 days a week with stretching and resting a day in between.  Increased walking is to be done gradually.

Today Hubby needed me to assist with the trouble shooting of Son's fridge.  Basically I pressed a button a couple of times.  Another time I allowed myself to be sprayed in order for him to locate the water leak.  I did not get too wet.  With all the activity at PT, going back and forth to the apartment three times, and going to a restaurant for lunch, 1.25 miles is clocked on my Fitbit Zip.  An additional mile on the reciprocal bike and my knee is asking for another round of ice tonight.

I was able to get one small item off the to do list, a shoe issue.  The PT person had me remove the shoes I planned to take.  "These are worn too much", he said.  Instead of just cleaning those shoes which are 3 1/2 years old, I ordered new shoes.  That sounds simple enough but sitting with a laptop balanced so it is not resting on my knee is a little challenging.  The knee Hubby accidentally bumped a couple of times today.  Yep, time to say goodnight and get some ice on this knee.  After all it is only 38 days out from major knee surgery......
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