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Saturday, March 5, 2016

+ 41 - 18

Holy cow!  This is getting close.  And not one thing off the to do list yesterday or today.  However yesterday did hold news of sorts.  Basically I am released from PT to continue on my own.  The PT person and I agreed to have a check back in 10 days to see if all was still going well with strength and stamina.  Only to do the prescribed exercises 3 days a week with one or two days in between the work outs.  Also, the surgeon does not want to see me for 6 weeks.  Both told me my progress was exceptional.  God is good.....

On Friday after PT and the surgeon visit a stop was made at Dick's sporting goods.  A Christmas gift that I had neither the time nor the use of my leg to get exchanged, cannot be exchanged.  As there is no receipt and the jacket is now on sale, a refund will lose $30.  So I will wear a slightly snug jacket.  But that is okay cause I have two good knees now!
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