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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

+ 44 - 14

Last night and today has been punctuated by thunderstorms in our area.  Further north in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area yesterday there were high winds and tornadoes.  Today that area was experiencing flooding.  And so much for the weather report from Central Texas.  BTW the South by Southwest event is this weekend.  The President is to make a keynote speech.  With all the rain, the beginning will be soggy, for sure.

Hubby finished the taxes yesterday while I did errands with a focus on our trip.  Today we spent quite a bit of time making plans for our time in Amsterdam.  Looks like a canal cruise with a visit at Anne Frank House and possibly Van Gogh Museum.  Friday we have a bus tour of Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft and a miniature village.  There will be stops with tours in Hague and Delft.  Then Saturday morning, we take in the   Keukenhof Garden and tulip fields.  We are attempting to reduce the walking requirements and still get to see the sights. We realize we will not see everything but hope to get a sense of the area.

Hubby received a message that DJ the granddog was missing him.  Faithful Grandpa made the trek to Son's home and spent some time with the dog.  I think they may have napped together.  Back home we made pumpkin soup from a mix.  It had hot peppers in it so a bit spicy for me but the Hubby seemed to enjoy.  That just about covers the excitement in our 880 square feet world today. 

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