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Monday, March 14, 2016

+ 49 - 9 = Flight to Europe!

Oh, my goodness it is really getting close now.  Sissy called and helped me go over things she remembered were helpful when they traveled.  That helped immensely to calm a old lady's fears.  This is the first time to go overseas.  Like flying reeeeallllly high over water.  Pretty sure the back of the seat will not be much good if we hit the ocean.  I do not fear flying.  Really enjoy seeing the Creation from the height of planes.

As for the to do list, there are still a couple of things to do that may not be necessary.  Example is a dry run on packing.  Will just pack, weigh, measure and rearrange as necessary.

Today I was officially released from physical therapy.  Completely done at 7 weeks.  Full range of motion maintained for a full week without the therapist visits.  Increased strength in both legs in all tests.  Increased distance for walking and endurance.  Keep up the 3 a week exercises 2 x daily till the trip.  Then just enjoy the trip!  You see, the entire medical and rehab teams have been helping get this goal of making the trip happen.  We all succeeded, I believe.  Praises for answered prayers.

Dinner with the Son and girlfriend, cancelled soccer games and mostly just quiet filled Sunday.  This catches everyone up on what's been going on at 2601.  What's happening at your home?  Here is one of Saturday's photos.  Hope you enjoy.

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