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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

+ 51 - 7 Days, Holy Cow!

Exercise day and I rode the stationary bike again.  My Hubby walked into the gym area and said, "Wow, you are going fast."  I was not really going fast but it certainly was much faster than the barely able to make the pedals go around 5 weeks ago! I did bike for 7 minutes.  Did not get anywhere.

A little more walking around the complex then it was the 2 lb. weights for all the other exercises.  More icing and Netflix.  Watched the last of "To Kill a Mockingbird".  I decided the entire voting community needs to watch this movie.  All the folks that say they want the 'good old days' need to be convicted by this movie.  Not all things were good in the 'good old days'.

Must be honest.  This whole thing with Trump the the number of folks that believe having fights and suing is the way to solve problems...  Not a very civilized way to run a nation.  Encouraging such negative behavior concerns me.  Are people really so searching for an answer they will go for this kind of bluster?  The numbers say they are.

Think I shall run away to Europe for a few weeks and pray some one millions come to their senses. . . .
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