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Sunday, March 20, 2016

+ 55 - 3 Days to Sitting on a Plane All Night Long

On Wednesday afternoon at 5:40 PM we will begin our adventure by boarding the plane.  If all runs on time....  It is DFW.  We then begin our time travel into the future arriving in Amsterdam at 1:15 PM.  We have lost 6 hours in the process.  We will gain it back on the return trip.  Pretty sure we will need the additional time to rest.

The mani/pedi schedules were sort of messed around as the business had disappeared.  It worked out as we found a different duo to pamper our feet and my hands.  Hubby's was yesterday, as reported.  Mine was this afternoon.  Very fun Mom/Daughter shop.  I did not even know there was such a thing as JC Salons.  Multiple individual salons in one location.  Anyway.  It will be our go to salon as it is only 3 traffic lights from our apartment.

I am not sure how these are going to work out but I decided to make my go to brownie recipe.  It is splattered with decades old chocolate.  Only two eggs on hand as we are clearing out all fresh food before leaving.  Recipe called for 3 eggs.  Had some liquid egg I figured would work fine.  Some applesauce was more than we would eat before leaving.  I substituted applesauce for part of the butter.  The liquid eggs had something funny looking as I poured into the batter.  Well, fudge, Southwestern style liquid eggs.....  Too late.  Time will tell.  About 15 minutes...

Before I started the brownies I was checking emails.  I was certain I heard a woman scream, "Help!".  I called to Hubby.  I asked he leave the door open in case he needed help.  He looks up and down the hall and there is more screaming.  Then a man storms out of the apartment across the hall.  Profanity freely flowing.  He does not see Hubby standing in the hallway.  He goes the opposite direction.  We knock on our neighbors' door.  A fight, some hitting and lots of crying.  And I am standing in the hall with a walking staff to protect us against whomever.  We make sure they are ok and leave the ladies to themselves.  A few minutes later there was a loud knock on the neighbors door and I am grabbing the stick, heading out the door.  It is a policeman.  I watch just long enough to make sure the ladies are ok, again.  Beware old lady with a long hickory stick, just saying.  Yes, I know it could have gone badly.  Open carry area.

The show, The Good Wife, is in its final season.  I never was really into the show till probably last fall.  Tonight the show is tackling the gun control issues.  A man's daughter is killed while sitting in the kitchen after a school prom.  The man has put up a sign saying the gun shop killed his daughter.  The gun shop is suing for defamation of character.  This will take about an hour to determine.  Unlike the real issue.  And slightly longer than the brownies.

Ding  .  Ding  .Ding     The brownies are done   Hubby is eating as I type.  I note I used applesauce.  He thinks he can taste that.  Okay.  Do you taste southwest flavors, like peppers?  No, why should I taste peppers.  Well ................ 

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