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Monday, March 7, 2016

+ 6 weeks - 16 days

Today's meditation focused on letting go of worry.  My Dad was not a worrier.  Mom made up for it.  "Mary, why are you worrying about ...", Daddy said many times.  It was usually followed with, "Piss on ...." whatever the worry of the moment was.  They counter balanced each other for over 70 years of courtship and marriage.

The moments of quiet reflections left me wondering what I worry about these days.  Daddy left his mark on me in that I am not much of a worrier.  Surely there are concerns but few lead to a state of deep worry.  More an assess a challenge, plan a solution, then execute and believe in the best of outcomes is my type of personality.  It has not always worked out for the best.  Many failures are in the wake of my life.  And my relations with people are where many of the failures lie.  Not a people person but I no longer worry about this.

It could, also, be that I leave the worrying to others.  While a detail person on things I am tasked to perform, I am glad to just be a go-for when others are in charge.  There is one exception about all the worry, traffic.  I worry in traffic, especially when a passenger.  All the potential ways an accident could happen will engulf my thoughts.  It is the source of contention with my Hubby on almost a daily basis.  But sitting in the living room in our easy chairs, things run pretty smoothly, now.

As for the upcoming trip I was quite concerned about recouping in order to enjoy.  After consults with PT and doctors, we will do what we can and just take care of ourselves.  Because Hubby tires easily, too.  And the to do list is being cut down daily.  The list is simple to work on with things like copies of all travel documents.  So no need to worry cause we have a plan and are acting on it daily.
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