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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

+8 Weeks One Day - 1 Day to Lift Off

It is here.  The day we leave on the first day of our trip.  We awake to news of bombings in Brussels.  It would be easy to let fear overwhelm our sense of excitement.  We will not allow selfish terrorists to destroy our joy.  Be vigilant and aware is the word of the day.  As we were mulling over the situation we checked the distance from Amsterdam to Brussels. About 250 miles. That is about the same distance as the Oklahoma City bombing was from our home in Missouri.  Fear will not win.

To catch my blog friends up on yesterday's activities one word covers most of the day, housework.  I hate coming home to a messy house.  Hubby just shakes his head.  After 49 years he has become accustomed to the pre-trip ritual.  There was a trip to purchase Euros.  The highlight of the day was dinner with Son and Ladyfriend.  They had just returned from a week in Seattle.  They had fun things to share.  On the way home after the visit I praised the Creator for allowing us to be in such good relations with our son and his family.  So many families do not have this joy.

It is possible these distorted souls that commit the heinous acts just lacked loving families?  Are they molded by the outrageous comments of presidential candidates?  Or religious leaders?  Members of their families or others in their circles?  As I thought yesterday while sitting on a bridge and could feel vibration from traffic.  Faith is a part of life.  I trust the folks that designed and built that bridge.

Today's devotional spoke of having faith as the men did walking into the lions den.  It is in that faith that I will board a plane for Europe.  It is in the faith that I live my daily life. It is that faith in the goodness of the vast majority of people that sustains me.

This will be my last post for awhile.  The adventure begins!  Blessings on all who visit and thanks for any and all comments.  In peace in love, Janice.
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