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Thursday, May 12, 2016


You know, I should be up working on the floors, doing laundry, finish putting the clean sheets on the bed or maybe just going to the loo.  But I gotta say it feels good just to be coasting today.  I will need to get on the bike later for 20 minutes to continue to strengthen my legs.  It can wait a little bit.  Then there is the soccer game at 5 this afternoon.

For now it is nice just to be reading some of the blogs I follow and leave a comment on their latest post.  It is especially fun to visit my niece's private blog with photos of her little, sweet family.  The antics of the three children are so fun to watch.  Hubby is out and about around the complex.  He is rested enough to be fidgety.  I am rested enough to be able to write haiku again.

The thousands of photos from the trip are taking a good deal of my time organizing, merging into panoramas and just enjoying remembering the experiences.  I have the Regensburg post almost ready to publish.  A couple more panorama merges will yield photos to be included in the post.  My blog on my timeline.  It will get done but at a much slower pace than the knee replacement and rehab.  That is what retirement is to be about doing things at one's own pace instead of your employer's pace.

Feeling good just coasting for a bit.  Take care and thanks for dropping by for a one sided chat.  Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.
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