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Saturday, June 25, 2016

crepe paper

Just moved my arm and noticed my skin.  I looks like crepe paper.  Brings back thoughts of Chambersville and what I remember about the Halloween carnivals.  Best I remember was maybe a princess and her court.  It called for 'formal dresses' for the girls.  Mom would make my sisters dresses out of crepe paper.  Mom could be really amazing.....

crepe paper skin
draped over chalk bones
beauty of age

After a week of grandparent backup for working parents my mind wants to not think. But I must think and prepare for the next weeks activities, a few days on the lake with the family.  Pies, rolls and cookies to make and bake.  Groceries to be purchased.  And a little laundry.  By Thursday it will be over and grandsons will be off to Canada for the yearly summer adventure.  

cool lake waters
welcoming relief from heat
drifts of laughter

With all this activity I am still being able to work on improving my overall physical being.  Weight loss would be nice but it is proving to be very slow if at all.  The flexibility of my knee is allowing daily stationary biking.  The resistance on the bike is gradually increasing.  Went a couple of clicks too far on the resistance recently and had an uncomfortable day and night.  Back to expected normality now.  I have to remind myself that it has been only 5 months.

pushing boundaries
puppies nipping playfully
in warm sunshine

The pups will grow stronger.  There will always be laundry and dishes and groceries to buy.  Babies will be conceived and born.  People will die  entirely too young while others linger in the netherland of semi-consciousness into their 90's.  And the crepe paper skin will continue to sag.  
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