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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fit for a Bit

Last Christmas I received a fit bit zip from Hubby.  I think he was trying to tell me something....  Well, I did spend most days on the sofa with a laptop.  The laptop and I had a real relationship.  I was needing to get off my duff.  Besides we had a big trip with lots of walking so I needed to get built up for that trip!

In early January the knee problem became worse.  Followed by knee replacement in late January.  Rehab for 5 weeks, 10 days off and an evaluation and dismissal.  Almost immediately on March 23 we jumped on a plane and headed to Europe for 26 days.  There was walking from 1.5 to 5 miles every day except one.  Climbing in and out of tour buses.  Made the bad choice of doing the upper deck one day.  I was told by the doctor before leaving to avoid any stair climbing, BTW.  That does not work so well when visiting a 10th century castle.  By the time we arrived at DFW on April 17 the operated leg was howling!  The thigh muscles felt like they were on fire when I walked very much.  Worse than immediately after surgery.  No, this will not work.

Rest with minimal activity other than the every other day exercises was all I would do.  The ice machine was brought back out of storage to reduce the swelling.  With a visitor for a few days in early May, we did more walking.  The next two weeks were more of the every other day exercises and limited walking.  By late May I began riding the stationary bike in our fitness center.  The ortho doctor had recommended the bike over treadmill or step machines as there is less impact on the legs.  After all that left leg is still healing!

The fitbit website has goals for one to set.  The step count goal is preset to 10,000.  I knew after the walking on the trip that would be too much too soon.  I set my goal at first to 4,000 and then 5,000.  I noticed fitbit was not counting but about half the motions of peddling.  I would walk to make the difference and record some peddling distance.  Here is the activity for the last month.

Today's steps are not all in yet as I was wiped out after sitting in the heat at a swim meet.  Yes, I stayed hydrated but the feel like temps were in the high 90's.  That is just too hot to do a bunch of walking for a fat, old lady.  As soon as I post this I am off for a few minutes of cycling to get the step count up over the 5K.  I want to see the green be consistently higher till I can maintain the 10K.  But I am surely pleased to be able to do as well and not be in pain!  Here is to getting fit for a bit.

PS:  am, also, recording what I eat on the fitbit sight.  Making me eat with some thought.

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