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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hairy Man Road

One of the local roads in our area is named Hairy Man Road.  Obviously there is a legend attached to such a name!  All about the hairy man.  That road which is a narrow barely two land road.  It is being 'modified' this summer for improved traffic flow.

typical hair length

In the fall of 2014 I decided to grow out my very short hair to donate to locks of love.  Locks of Love will take graying hair.  Other organizations that collect hair for cancer victims wigs do not take as much gray as I have.

About a month's growth.
Helping our son into the
headless horseman
costume I made for him.
I thought as fast as my hair grows this would not be a problem....  Riiiight.  Shortly after I began to grow out my hair my son told me about Middle Grandson's favorite teacher.  She had just passed away from cancer. I decided to do the hair growing in honor of her.  That was a good decision because there were times when the length was a real challenge for me.

Mid December 2014
Feb, 2015
June, 2015 
August, 2015 
Middle Grandson at one point told me, "Grandma, you are not supposed to wear your hair long, only short."  I told him I was doing this for a program that helps cancer patients have wigs.  That I was doing it in honor of his teacher.  That 11 year old promptly teared up right there.  That image kept me going with this project any time I was frustrated with all this hair.  In the Texas heat it felt as if I was wearing a blanket on my neck!

December 2015 
Finally long enough to get off my neck! January, 2016
My hubby calls me Mutt, BTW, February, 2016
On the cruise ship in March 26, 2016
The blanket felt pretty good this past spring as we sailed the Rhine, Main and Danube in March and April.
Osejik, April ll, 2016

Sept. 8, 2016
I have become accustomed to the length now and the ease of just an old fashioned Granny Bun.

ponytailed granny

Preferred style, Granny Bun

I feel like a Hairy Woman if I just let it dry and not try to control it!
Hairy Woman, September 8, 2016
Today Hubby measured my hair and I still have about 1.5 inches to go before cutting it.  Now the race is on to see if Hairy Man road getting a remodel will be done before Hairy Woman gets to cut this mop!
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