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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lucy Comes for a Visit

Friday was a special day as I joined with our son's girlfriend as she began planning a big 16th birthday bash for her daughter.  While we were gone, a pot roast and the trimmings were cooking in the oven.  All we would have to do was make the gravy and set the table when the trip to the venue was complete.  I am too slow was a little longer getting the last stuff done so Son took the daughter without her dinner to meet friends at the football game.  But it was still good as we 5 sat down for a meal together.

While we were eating a phone call came in from the youngest nephew.  Of course we would be glad to watch his puppy Lucy while he went to visit his niece and nephews.  Of course they are our great niece and nephews, too.  Lucy would spend Saturday and possibly Sunday nights with us.

Saturday morning we are up much earlier than usual.  We have a visitor to welcome!  Around 10 Nephew and Lucy arrived.  I call her Leaping Lucy cause she does.  Our living area floors are polished concrete.  They are slippery for Lucy.  I do have 4 small area rugs placed in different areas.  Lucy leaps from rug to rug when she is running.  From the living area into the sleeping area is about 3 -4 feet from the area rug to the bedroom carpet.  Lucy clears the concrete area every time.  With one more bound she is on the bed, another 4 or 5 feet.
Fourteen pound Lucy

She likes to be under covers when she sleeps.  She will climb in bed with me and snuggle down at my feet.  There she remains almost the entire night.  Lucy is no where nearly as large as DJ, the grand-dog.  Lucy fits nicely at our feet.  Or curled up next to me on the sofa.  Cover her with an afgan and she is out for a nice long nap.   She is so small Hubby and I lose her in the covers or under the afgan.

Tomorrow we are going to go to a festival in a small town about 30 miles away.  We plan to take Leaping Lucy with us.  I have a bag to carry her while at the festival.  Hope she enjoys it!  Now ya'll all go out and pet a puppy, kitty, chick or duck.   The world is a better place with our animal friends.

45 pound DJ

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