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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Feeding the birds at our apartment building after the whole rat visiting the feeder incidents was suspended last year.  Yep, not a fan of rats.  But a few weeks ago I decided to try it again to see how it goes.  I bought mealy worm cakes and suet.  The doves loved the mealy worms and the sparrows engorged on the suet.  The suet was gone in about 48 hours.  The mealy worms are still around the edges of the hanger feeder I bought in Door County last year.

Over the weekend I bought more suet and patio bird food.  PBF is waste free nuts and grains.  No shells, not husks makes for waste free.  I took the hanging feeder out to the oak tree outside our apartment.  Thinking Hoping this location keeps the rats away from us should the vermin decide to try to eat the food.  I really want it to be birds not rats.

Earlier today I sat in my easy chair enjoying the flurry of birds enjoying the food outside the patio door.  Nothing exotic, just sparrows.  About 15 or 20 flitting around the feeders.  Others feasting on bits that had fallen onto the patio.  They seemed happy though a couple were a little greedy trying to chase the others away.  That eventually stopped, too.

Wish we humans could move on that easily.  Birds and flowers do not worry.  Humans, well, we worry.  We worry about being 'on time' for appointments by showing up 30 minutes ahead of time.  We worry about how often to shampoo our hair (guilty as charged).  We worry about scaly skin, graying hair, cellulite, endangered species, how old the earth is, ad infinitum.  I worry about my husband when he is away more than an hour and a half without checking in.  As he is right now...

Think I'll put another cake of suet out for the non worrying sparrows.  Sweep the patio.  May send a text to Hubby.  Then it will be time for another cup of java as I wait for Hubby to check back to me.  Cause I am a wife not a sparrow.

PS:  He just walked in the door!  Now, can you find the gecko in this photo?  It visits my patio regularly.

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