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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Been a laid back, chill kind of day.  I did go out to check if there were parking places available.  The parking garages are being cleaned and new striping on the parking places. So my Icie is sitting in the Kohl's parking lot.  Now that lot is almost as close as the parking garage but not covered.  There was no empty parking any closer.  I took the opportunity to get in about 2/3 of my walking for the day.  As I strolled to the park was pleased to see the fountain is working for the first time since we moved here.

Hubby mentioned recently how Round Rock seems to be really good about maintaining their parks.  There were sidewalks that were buckled and dangerous in the next block west of the park.  Those areas have been repaired the summer, too.  Guess it is the year to spruce up stuff.  Since we move here in 2013 there have been multiple 4 and 5 story buildings, hotels and businesses built on the fields west of us.  That loss of habitat has sent the hawk that would sail over us each morning to a different hunting area.  The price we pay for convenience and progress.

We are not even having backup duty this week as Son is home this week.  I think he will be back on the road in another couple of weeks.  Almost have to use a spreadsheet to keep up with all their activities.   I have included a few pictures from when we were in Zilker Park last week on back up duty.  The heron was shot on the little retention pond across the street behind Kohl's.

I only have about 1500 steps left to walk to have my goal in for today.  Surely helps to break up the walking and biking into shorter times two or three times a day.  Pretty sure it is better for circulation, too.

Well, that is about it for chill out Tuesday.  I'll leave you with this last photo from a week ago, may it give you rest.

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