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Monday, September 19, 2016

Well, It's Monday

Is she in this group?
What a busy weekend we had.  Saturday was another hot, humid day filled with cross country meets, soccer and birthdays.   By 8 AM on Saturday we were standing next to a running track waiting for our Bonus Granddaughter to cross the finish line in her cross country race.  We never saw her : /

We wandered over to the area where our oldest grandson was sitting waiting for his cross country race.  He said it would be an hour till his race.  Since we had not eaten we left to get some breakfast.  A nearby Starbuck's met the breakfast needs then we returned to the track to wait for Oldest Grandson to cross the finish line.  His 5 K had not even started so the wait would be quite a while longer.  In the meantime we received a text that Son could not find his cell.  Also, the reason we did not recognize Bonus GD was she did not run because it was her 16th birthday.  Well, I guess that made me feel better for not recognizing her.

After a break from the heat in Starbucks we headed back to the track.  Hubby perched in the stands while I stood by the fence.  We were both in full sun.  I wandered into the shade of the stands where different schools had tents for their athletes.  One young lady said she was up late the night before doing something I did not understand.  Her coach asked if she was "parking".  The whole group looked at the 40 something female coach like she had a second head.  "What is parking?"  Oh, my word!  Kids do not park any more.  What do they do now?  But I digress.

It that him? No, wrong shirt.

The announcer noted the large high school 5 K folks were beginning to head for the finish line.  I was by the last turn snapping away thinking I recognized the one guy in the center of a group.  Hubby was sure he saw him, too.  I took lots of photos.  Then it was time to head across town to watch  the 12 year old Middle Grandson play a soccer game.

Right shirt, wrong kid
MG is the goalie for his team.  His team was playing an up class team so it was a tough game for our goalie.  'Our' team lost 0 - 6.  While we were at the game our son asked if we saw Oldest Grandson finish his open 2 miles.  What!  We watched the 5 K finish and left.  He did not run that race.  Nope, was not Oldest I took so many photos of near the finish line.  So we had stood in the steamy hot, 36 C,  sunshine for 3 hours and did not see a single grandchild finish a race.  

From the soccer game we picked up Oldest Grandson and took him home.  At least we recognized him then.  Son had to stop at the local Braum's to pick up an ice cream cake for Bonus Granddaughter.  Once he arrived we then helped get the ice cream cake packed in a cooler to stay frozen for 3 hours in almost 100 degree heat.  Bonus Granddaughter had a soccer game to play then there would be a meal with some friends and Grappa.  We did not attend but stayed to take Middle Grandson to a different birthday party a 5 PM.  I fell asleep and Hubby took him then went back to pick him up at 7 PM.  Hubby then did a Steak and Shake run for our supper.  We stayed with Middle until our son returned home from Bonus Granddaughter's activities.  By that time it was around 10 PM.  Son and Oldest had been up since 5:30 AM.  Everyone was ready for bed!  The good news was the Yeti Son received as his birthday gift rocked as the cake did not melt.

Back home I needed to get more steps in for Saturday's numbers.  It took only about 12 minutes on the stationary bike to get to my daily goal of 7500 steps.  I am not that fast, we had walked a lot at the track meet, etc.  Fortunately, the bike is in a cold exercise room just a few steps from our apartment.  The hall was plenty steamy though even at 11 PM.  A nice shower surely felt good after this day.

Sunday we met our son and the family for Hubby's belated birthday brunch.  His birthday was earlier in  September while he was visiting his brother in another state.  The son had found the perfect gift for his dad, a coffee pot that looks like a science project.   After brunch we came home and the science of brewing coffee began!

Around 5 our nephew and his puppy, Lucy, came for dinner and a visit.  So very pleased to have such a delightful nephew in our life.  We ordered in Asian so this became an official 'no cooking' weekend.  Even enough left overs for Monday for all three of us.  Nephew and Lucy left with a to go sack around 9.  We moved our cars out of the parking garages.  Seems power washing and painting will be happening this week.  I check my steps and oh my.  There were hardly 2K.  So I began walking around the little park, the apartment complex and inside the parking garage.  Once I made it to 5K I headed for the cool of the stationary bike.

Watching an almost 70 year old fat woman on a stationary bike is not attractive.  I make sure the bike is pointed away from the wall of mirrors at the other end of the room.  Of course, the room is surrounded with windows on two walls.  So far no car wrecks caused by gawkers looking at the old woman on the bike.  It took 22 minutes, but I made it past the 7500 steps I have set as my goal.  Early last week I had done the recommended 10000 steps along with a couple of 9000 step days.  The left knee let me know that was too much too soon.  Got it!  Will stay in the 7500 step range for a month or two before working up to 8500.   Hopefully by then the temperatures will not be so high, either.

Now it is Monday afternoon.  In about 45 minutes it will be time to leave to watch Bonus Grandson's football game.  The heat is awful again today, 95 F that feels like 106 F.  So I had best take plenty of water, an umbrella and the stadium seat.  Hubby needs to stay home and rest is my opinion.  After all how much heat does a 76 year old need to try and endure..... I have only 391 steps so I had best get to walking!  See ya'll later!  Well, unless you have a birthday and do not need to show up ; )
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