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Monday, October 10, 2016


Watched the debate between the two candidates tonight.  Not sure why.  Guess I wanted to see if The Donald would try to make any moves on anyone.  He did not.  Guess none were beautiful enough to attract him.  Well, except his daughter.....  Why would a human even say something like that?

I will vote for Hillary but I really wish she had not even run.  That was nothing but a mud slinging match in the making.  All of the philandering, etc. was just more fuel.  I delete emails.  None of mine are classified.  The problem with Ms. Clinton is not her ability but the baggage that just will not go away.

Long before The Donald ever became a political being I did not like the persona he projected.  He treatment and demeanor toward people came across as a privileged,  self aggrandizing ass.  I actually called it the Trump syndrome.  During my working years I saw similar traits in many of the 'men in power'.  They saw nothing wrong with anything they chose to do.  They had their kingdoms and they were the lords!  It was yes sir or you were replaced by someone that would say yes sir.

There were tons of really nice guys with whom I worked.  They treated coworkers with respect and dignity.  I fear I as a female was not always nearly so respectful of coworkers as the Terry Smiths, Chris Masseys, Mike Davis, John Dillons and many many others were.  These men may have used locker room language, probably did at times.  But there was an air of decency about them that one could sense.

Then there were the Trump Syndrome guys.  There was not doubt they saw people as things to be used for their own pleasure or betterment.  Their egos were to be fed at whatever cost.  One such man eventually became the president of the small division for whom we all worked.  His insistence of building only boards at cost for the backpanel division in a large part led to the demise of the company.  His general manager encouraged doing additional businesses types with no success.  Bob O'Connell should have been the president and Bob Shutz should have had his Trump syndrome excised.

As with everything, the men (and some women like me) are not all !00% saints nor 100% sinners.  Trump's "locker room banter" while being interviewed, what was he trying to accomplish?  Impress Billy Bush?  Only Trump knows and that is just one more example of the total syndrome.  Powerful people are driven people.  Falling victim, choosing to become consumed by their own self.  It appears they can do anything, say anything and get by with it.  You know, like Alec Baldwin talking trash to his daughter.

I fear that the Trump syndrome will take the country down, not just a company that employed 1200 people.  And before you say, 'What about All That Bill Clinton Did?"  I get it.  He was impeached by one house of Congress.  So why would we want to elect another man just like him?  Just asking....

In closing, I am really tired of all the attention on sex in politics.  I say the first requirement for political office of any type should be castration .......  That would sure as hell narrow the field.

Blessings and peace.  janice xx
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