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Monday, October 17, 2016

Glow Party

Yesterday was the day for celebrating a 16th birthday for only bonus granddaughter.  There had been preparations for the last few weeks.  Stuff like this from pinterest:
When a girl moves up to Middle School and has lots of new friends to get to know, what better way to do it than with the coolest party in town...! Almost one hundred 11-year olds, dressed to the nines in neon and anything else that might glow in black light, partied and danced and, dare we say it,…                                                                                                                                                     More: I made stuff like the hanging streamers with glow lights attached.  there were glow sticks, makeup and all sorts of posters and glowing dishes.  Son and Wife did a great job on all kinds of effects.

We used balloons in ways not originally intended.  We had wanted to have glow sticks inside balloons.  But there was no place that would do that.  So we have now learned that if you buy the packages of balloons for $2.99 for 6 you still get to pay $0.99 each to get filled with helium.  Should have just bought the helium canister myself and we could have filled however we wanted......

We had the 30 balloons inflated and needed to transport in our Cmax.  Yep, Hubby, me, 30 inflated balloons, 1 rolling bag, one 55 gallon container filled with decorations, 3 hula hoops with attached streamers, and a cart to carry all the stuff into the venue.  Wish I had a video of our getting the balloons into the car with all the other stuff.  Oh, and one 36" x 48" birthday poster......... to not get wrinkled.  Pretty funny.

My body was exhausted as was Hubby's by the time we returned home at around 1 AM on Sunday.  Exhausted but so pleased to have been included in the Bonus Granddaughter's celebration.  After all how many grandparents get invited to a glow party?!?

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