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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

just another day in paradise

Yep, that is what they say.  Just another day in paradise.  Paradise looks like sunny skies with a nice breeze.  A husband that is having fun playing with rope.  He is measuring it into 100' lengths.  He has some project in mind.  He is done and just sat down on the sofa next to my chair with a plate of nachos to share.  That may not sound much like paradise to some but I know it is.

Let's not compare because there will always be those with more and those with less.  Let's do consider Aleppo, Haiti, Iraq, Korea, etc.  War, hurricanes, war, more war and so much death.   Then there is just the daily living of those in the 'civilized nations'.  One can feel so helpless in the midst of all this happening across the world.  Unfortunately this is not a new condition.  One could throw donate some cash to help the hurricane victims and others in need.  That may buy a meal or two for some.  That certainly beats doing nothing.

It is time to go get my steps done for the day.  In an air conditioned exercise gym.  To return to the apartment that is safe, cool and ready to have a meal prepared.  Yes, I live in paradise.  I am fortunate to be having just one more day in paradise.  Hope your day is going as well as mine here in paradise.
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