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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just Soccer

We left home about 9:45 this morning to watch Youngest Grandson play soccer.  We rode in the Jeep with the top down as the temperatures are finally good for open Jeep riding.  If we were younger we could have done it sooner but we are not!  the heat can really get to us at times so we choose our times.  I could tell you how beautiful it was with all the fall leaves but that would just be a lie.  No color and some trees are losing their leaves.  That is fall in Texas.

After the game, which was won by the Grandson's team, we made a run home for a bite then it was time for the next game.  We showed up at the field at 1 PM as confirmed at the first game.  There were neither cars nor soccer players in sight.  Hubby's cell was turned back on after being on the charger. Text sent and text received.  Game was moved to a different field at 2:00 PM.  That just meant more ride time in the Jeep.  We bypassed the tollways and freeways for the Farm to Market roads.  Had time to stop for gas and some soda pops to sip during the game.  We still arrived at the field 20 minutes ahead of time.

While the temperatures were still very pleasant, the sunshine was intense.  We chose to just enjoy the game from the raised roadway.  That is a great way to watch a game, in the shade in comfortable seat with a cold drink.  This game which was Middle Grandson playing as goalie was one for the loss column.  He was not thrilled but still good for a hug after the game.

Hubby had been wanting to visit a local meat market in the town of Hutto.  As the market was only a couple of miles away that was the next stop.  Oh, look, a barber shop was next door.  Now Hubby has a nice haircut to go with the nice cuts of meat.  We were off again to gas up the Jeep and pick up a couple of things at the grocery store.  There was a delay as a major accident had happened at the grocery store intersection.  As badly damaged as the autos were there had to be injuries.  A silent prayer for the occupants and their families.

Finally walked back in our little place around 6 PM.  Dinner, easy chairs and the World Series takes us to bedtime.  But I still need to get 2500 more steps.  I'll say good night and head for the exercise bike for some riding.  Y'all take care and come back again for a little more visiting.  I need to hear what is happening with you!

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