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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Talking to Myself

Talking to myself is a common occurrence.  Not sure why I do it but I will correct myself.  "Now look what you just did."  Talking to my self in the third person, even.  That probably means I am crazy or something.  "Let's see, where did I put" whatever I am looking for at the time.  And speaking as if I am multiple beings.  Yea, crazy is probably an accurate assessment.

So is blogging sort of like talking to one's self?  It is when there are no comments.  Well, except the one I leave myself on the Google + prompt.  Well, actually, even when I talk to myself there are times I answer myself.  And I hate it when I do not understand what I just said to myself.

"Janice, it is time for bed.  Tell the folks good night and get to bed."  Fine, just let me read one more post from overseas......
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