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Monday, November 28, 2016

Days of Thanks

Life brings challenges in relationships with family members.  For some folks these challenges rear their ugly countenances at family gatherings during holidays.  I am fortunate to have a family that manages to avoid these confrontations.   Maybe we just sit on our feelings or do we not really have them does not matter to me.  This past week proved to be pretty much the same.

My part of the family arrived at my sister's home while she was away at her oldest's home for thanksgiving.  Next evening Sis and her husband arrived and had dinner waiting on them.  I had spent the day making 7 pies, 3 dozen cookies and 2 batches of hot roll dough.  Son had prepared the evening meal for all of us.  That meal was the beginning of 3 days where food was the main feature .....  that is how Thanksgiving rolls.  At least one to two days of preparation, the day and at least one day to two days following of leftovers.

Every other year our Thanksgiving feast is followed the next day by a bonfire.  BIL stacks the tree branches that fall into his yard in a pile.  It is enough wood to have a fire that burns most of the day and into the evening.  A hot dog roast followed by smores is the fare for the evening meal.  Or leftovers if you do not want hot dogs.  This year Hubby had smoked a pork tenderloin.  The loin covered with homemade barbecue sauce added an alternative to the turkey and ham.

By the time we left on Sunday morning, there was little more than some ham and turkey left to freeze.  None of the 2 dozen sweet rolls, nor 6 dozen dinner rolls. One pumpkin pie was uncut along with 2 pieces of apple pie was all that was left of the 7 pies I made.  Sister had brought one pecan pie (no left over) and an apple strudel ( half left).   Amazing just how much food 3 teen boys can put away and still be thin as a stick!

There was much for which to be thankful other than the bounty of food.  Time spent with great grand niece and nephews, playing basketball with grandsons, sharing long held secrets about our youthful antics with my sister, and spending a weekend with little political talk.  Laughing with and at grandchildren antics.  Watching a soccer match in which bonus granddaughter was a player rounded out the family activities we had the joy of sharing.

We drove by the home we had build as young marrieds in 1967.  We met the current owner who still loves the house as much as we did when we lived there.  Hugged the same neighbor that built the house next door.  Billie had taught me how to make coconut pies.  I still use the same recipe.  Even had time to put Christmas flowers on my folks' graves.   Yes, much for which to give thanks.

Peace to all as we now move to the upcoming series of holidays.  May they be filled with joy for each of you.

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