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Friday, November 18, 2016

I Was Doing Fine and Then

If you come to this blog, you already know I am a person that believes that all are created equal.  Not all are treated equal nor have an equal opportunity.  I check on facebook to see about a young boy named Rowan who is in the fight of his life for his life.  Click here to read of his plight.  His mother makes posts when she can as to what is happening with him as he fights.  His is a heart rending yet hopeful saga.

With facebook I check on family members spread across the US.  A cousin with an aggressive form of colon cancer diagnosed this week.  My three sisters usually check in so I know their status.  Nieces, nephews and their extended families which includes five children one year or less in age.  Sweet faces posted of those little cherubs.  Friends that live hundreds and some thousands of miles away can be touched through facebook.

Unfortunately the political posts just do not seem to be stopping because of the general atmosphere in the US.  The protest marches are lessening.  Now we have teens shouting, 'build the wall' and carrying Trump/Pence signs at women's volleyball tournaments.  Their 'white' school was playing a predominately Latino school.   My nephew who is a minister posted the incident.  He noted the school should be banned from the remainder of the tournament as an example.  His post and opinion set off a firestorm of comments.  Not the least of which contained the thought that the athletes need to just not be such wussies.  Only the language became disgusting so I noted the language was unacceptable on a public post.

Another few posts had my comments adding to the whole, nasty mess.  I finally just 'clicked' away from facebook.  I opened my email and there was the monthly newsletter for the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz.  Now I am all worked up again.  He is gloating over how the US is going to get rid of all the horrid things the President Obama forced upon the Citizens of Texas.  One of which was about guns which he stated as 'the right to bear arms and protect our homes'.  Really.  Guns being limited in Texas.  NOT!  Texans can open carry in college classrooms.  Texans can carry assault rifles to BLM marches. Openly carry.....  Kindergarten teachers are allowed to carry in classrooms if they choose.  Really.

Cruz spoke of how we had God given rights as his opening and then he rejoices in eliminating Obamacare and every other thing that I feel has helped marginalized people.  "I had the opportunity to reflect on the need to restore our Constitution and the rule of law," wrote Cruz.  The icing came for me when he spoke of the late Judge Scalia.  Yes, he dared to speak of that seat that has not been allowed to be filled by President Obama.  You know that part of the Constitution that says a president submits to Congress a name and the Congress then acts upon the submission?  Submission was done and Congress refused, yes, refused to even take the name up on committee.  So much for the Constitution and rule of law, Sen. Cruz.  More like the laws that you choose to obey or enforce to suit the desires of the alt right, Tea Party and every other far right group in the USA.

Dear Lord, help me be peaceful enough to go to sleep..... and heal sweet Rowan.

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