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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Teeth, Eyes and Holidays

Well, the holidays are upon us here in the States.  Thanksgiving is being a stretch this year as I am just not in the mood for the holidays.  Traveling to my sister's house can be a lot of fun.  Not feeling it this year.  Just. Not. Feeling. It. This. Year.  Nothing about my sister or the company.  Just. Not. Feeling. It.  Cooking for kids that are picky is another challenge.  I'll make rolls and cinnamon rolls.  They will eat those.  And that is about all.  Ham.  Pumpkin pie.  I may buy ready made crusts this year.  That means a little less time standing.....

Then Christmas is staring us in the face.  Christmas gifts for people that already have more than is needed for existence.  At least one grandson gave me an idea of what he wants.  A pair of Chubbies shorts.  Okay.  Now I need to know color and style.  Somehow that takes all the fun out of surprising someone with a gift. . . .  I miss the surprises in life.

Hubby is very pleased with his cataract surgery results.  I seldom see him in glasses now.  The second eye will be taken care in December.  Then his eyes will be better than new!  However...... he was just chewing on some food last week and a tooth cap fell off.  Fell off into his mouth.  He visited the dentist.  With dental insurance, a bridge which is the cheapest option other than just pulling what is left of the tooth is more than the total of the eye surgeries.  And repairing the badly chipped windshield.

Maybe things are just sort of piling on right now is why there is no excitement for the holidays.  But I do not think so.  I have felt this coming for some time.  Just too much effort for such a short time.  A day or two to put up decorations that will stay up maybe 4 weeks.  I met a lady in the parking garage Saturday evening.  She was struggling with packages.  She was preparing to help her mother decorate for Christmas.  The mother can no longer do it for herself but sort of demands her daughter do it.  I said, "And when you finish it isn't right, not the way it once was done."  The lady's eyes lite up and she replied, "Exactly".

Some of us old folks (me) get cranky.  We want to be young and we attempt to regain that youth by doing or having someone do it for us the way it was when we were young.  I watched it with my aging relatives and now with my contemporaries.  I do not want to spend what is left of my life attempting to be something I no longer am, young.  Or attempt to mold others to do the things I never accomplished.

Well, nothing like a little blogging to clear the mind and soul.

Later Gators.  Have a great Thanksgiving.
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