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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Seven Oh

Well, it has happened.  I am elderly.  Today I turned into a 70 year old, old woman.  Sagging jaw line, sagging bust line, sagging arms and lots of other things.  My ears and nose have grown larger cause cartilage keeps growing on those parts of the body.  Unfortunately, that same cartilage is being eaten away in all the joints of the body.  Or is the cartilage just migrating?

There is no recollection in my mind of my birth, thank goodness.  My mother on the other hand remembered it till almost the end of her days.  She was convinced by the family doctor to give birth in the hospital for the first time.  My two older sisters were born at home.  With Sis#2 the same doctor had to spend the night as the creeks were out of banks and he could not get home.  Mom began hemorrhaging immediately after my birth.  Doc Mantooth said, "Now, Mary, see why it was important to be in a hospital?"

For many decades most babies in the US were born in hospitals.  The pendulum has swung back some in the last 15 years with more women choosing home births with midwives.   Not for me, thank you.  I preferred the reduced pain of the epidural during the birth of our only child!  To each their own!

Naturally much more than just birthing practices have changed since my birth in December of 1946.  Polio vaccine was developed with my generation being the first to benefit.  The rolls of church, family, men, women, schools and government have seen significant changes both in my nation and around the world.  The world has become so tiny with the internet connections it boggles my seventy years old brain.

Last night our son, his family and some of their friends treated me to dinner, flowers and gifts.  Spa time for me.  Later a pottery and wine painting night with our DIL and a friend can be enjoyed.  Hints that maybe what I paint might go to the son's family as he would like that.  Smile, wink, hint!  The food was good but just sitting and visiting with the family was the very best part.  Seeing smiling grandchildren and then all the hugs and kisses, well, it just does not get any better.

Peace to all,
Janice who is now 70, seventy, seven oh (which could be spelled ouch and be very accurate).
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