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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

And Still I Sit

With all the sitting and reading political stuff while sitting, I was on the edge of the crazy cliff. Thank goodness for some time with the grandsons.  Son called Saturday and suggested we meet for lunch on Sunday.  As it turned out we met at a coffee shop with him and three grandsons.  The grandsons were all working on their homework.  There was one workbook for the high school freshman.  They all three were using computers to complete assignments.  I had to wonder how children whose parents cannot afford internet are able to study.  Or kids that live where there is no internet access cause there are still those places.

Middle Grandson was working on a monologue he was to present.  He was developing a character answering a series of questions.  Of course he had another window open and was playing some sort of game on the side.  Son kept having to corral the three and prod them on the homework.  Herding cats might be an easier job than parenting.  Just saying.  I was able to get Middle to think about the questions and come up with answers.  He even was able to get the story written.  Not sure it will last a minute.  He said he would "talk  r e a l  s l o w ,  G r a n d m a".

Computers were something that were mainly in scifi books when I was in grade school.  I used Big Chief tablets and later ruled notebook paper.  In the beginning of  mechanical computing individuals did much of the brainwork.  Later there were government and universities developing the technology.  One such computer was the number of square feet of our last house.  Click here or here to visit sites that have some of the milestones of computation and computer developments.  It's enlightening to see the timeline inventions numbers speed up as the computing capability increases.  Click here to compare to a timeline of printing and printing presses.

There you have it.  I have sat so much with a laptop on my legs that is all I can think about.  Even after spending a wonderful morning and lunch with my grandsons.  They are cute, smart, freckled and blue eyed.  Oldest was congenial as is his personality, a real sweetie.  Middle was a little edgy, pushing the limits of what he can get by with doing or not doing.  Youngest was far more willing to engage than is his usual way.  He smiled and made jokes once the homework was completed.  Those boys leave my heart smiling.

Son brought up the subject of our 50th anniversary again.  Hubby and I are good with doing nothing.  Son is not on board with this at all, not at all.  I think we have agreed on a meal with folks that were in our wedding party.  Well the ones that are still alive.  After all it is 50 years ago we did the ceremony.  Guess I need to do some research of restaurants while I am just sitting.  I do have a laptop and good internet connections.  Thanks, scientists.

And thanks to folks that drop by for a visit!


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