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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cannot Imagine

It has been four weeks since the black boot came into my life.  My foot is much better.  Still some swelling on the gall of my foot.  Most days have had under 1,000 steps on my feet.  About 10 days ago I began doing some stationary bike movement.  Last month I had 7300 as an average of my steps.  These past 4 weeks the average has been even with the biking is under 2000 steps per day.  The first 18 days were like about 500 steps on an average.  Foot is doing much better as I said.  My butt is so freaking tired of being sat on all the time.  And the crummy stationary bike seat does not help.

Which brings me to what I cannot imagine.  Being confined 24/7/365 to a wheelchair or a bed.  Not being able to walk to the window to look at the sky.  To walk to get a sip of water being only a distant memory or a sought after dream.  How do persons with disabling conditions keep fighting through each day?  I am counting the hours till I can start walking again without the boot.  And without the 3 layers of insoles in the other shoe so both legs are the same length.  But I have and end in sight unlike so very many.

Whiny baby is how I feel when I see the young lady that lives here in the same complex.  Every day she is on her scooter going to and from her work at Sams.  Rain or shine she is on the sidewalk.  Every day sitting on that seat with legs and arms that do not always answer her commands.  Another friend that we do not see these days has been in a wheelchair since he had a polio shot.  It gave him full blown polio.  Gary is an amazing person.  He held down a full time job with an insurance agency we used for about 25 years.  Now he is an author and book reviewer.  We are invited to his and Belinda's 25 wedding anniversary.  Talk about a full life.

Okay, now I am just mad at my butt for being tired.  Deal with it.  It is only 336 hours and you will not be carrying the entire load any longer.  Legs and feet will be doing their share.  Then you will be begging to sit down and rest.  So just let me put these big girl panties on and get on with life.  But I still cannot imagine how folks do it.

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