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Friday, March 3, 2017


Today I was soooo tired of sitting and laying about.   Figured I would just take a ten minute walk up in the third floor parking lot.  It is wide open up there in the middle of the day.  I walked over to the north building 2 elevator.  Calmly got into the elevator and pushed the 3 button.  The elevator reached the third floor and stopped.  The doors opened only about 2 inches and sort of bounced.  It sounded as if something was blocking the doors.  I pushed the open and close buttons.  No response.  Floor one button is pushed and the elevator descends normally.

Now to say I am hard headed is not news to most who visit this blog.  Had to be a fluke so I just pushed the third floor button again.  The result was no better.  As a matter of fact it would not respond to any of the buttons to go down.  I finally pushed the emergency call button.  A recording came on saying all operators were busy.  How many elevators are not functioning at the same time?  Then the elevator music came across the speaker.  I continued to press the buttons to go to a different floor.

Finally the doors closed and the elevator descended to the second floor.  Doors opened completely and I removed myself quickly.  I am still in the walking boot so stairs are not something I wished to try.  I walked to the other side of the building to the south elevator.  With a deep breath I stepped in and pressed the first floor button.  It worked just as expected.  I took not an extra second extracting myself from this elevator.  Once back in the apartment, I told Hobby of the ups and downs I experienced on the walk.  He called the apartment office and we left it to them to sort out.  Guess I will do my walking on  the first floor in the future.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in for a chat.

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