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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Tuesday

Have the patio and little area around it cleanuped and ready for just sitting and enjoying for a while.  Watering brings the birds out pretty quickly.  Most of the visitors have been white-winged doves, two or three different kinds of sparrows and house finches.  It is fun seeing the interaction between the different types of birds.  Seems the pecking order exists for sure!

There has been this one female finch I have been attempting to capture in a clear photo.  She is not cooperative.  Here then there then out of sight among the lilies.  Hopping across the patio picking at whatever is there to snack.  She pauses.  I grab the camera and get her in focus.  Snap and check the photo.  Sure enough, she flew just as I snapped the camera.  Grrrr.  Next time she sits for an instant.  In focus, snap and check.  Hubby moved his foot between the bird and the camera.  To give the bird some credit, I am shooting through a double pane window so that may account for some of the blur.  My hands are not as steady as they could be.

I had purchased a block of food for finches.  Not the thistle type of food like the yellow finches love.  This block was full of little, round seeds about the size of mustard seeds.  I hung it first from the feeder rail where I would hang the thistle feeders.  No takers.  Lowered to about 18 inches above the ground.  Still no takers.  I rearranged the little fountain so the water trickles over a rock so the birds could drink there.  I hung the seed block from the side of the fountain.  The seed block was just off the patio about 1 inch .  Still no takers.  Fine!  I put it on the ground next to the gate and walked away in a grumpy mood.

You guessed it.  Immediately the female finch was all over it.  I grabbed the camera and started shooting.  Instantly it seemed she was hiding in the area on the opposite side of the block of seeds.  I now have about 200 blurry photos of what I believe to be a house finch.  There may be two pretty good shots of just her head peaking over the seeds.  I am about to decide she is really a drone sent by the senators I have been writing and calling.  You know, tantalizing me to keep me distracted from the issues. .  .  Or maybe she is just a bird visiting my feeders.  Thanks Obama.

And thank you for stopping by for a chat!

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