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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Last Day

This is the last day for the wearing of the boot.  The last day I plan on mostly just sitting with minimal walking.  The foot is so much better than 6 weeks ago, the swelling is almost gone.  Pain is minimal at the worst, non existent most 99% of the time.  Should this continue once I ease back into walking the down time will have been worth it.  So toes and fingers are crossed that the damage is on the way to full recovery.

The main computer is still awaiting the budget to afford the necessary funds for repair.  To which my good Hubby spent time yesterday doing our federal tax return.  We do get a return again this year, no payment necessary.  One year we owed $2.49, yes, just two dollars and change.  The IRS sent us a notice to not even bother.  Seems it was less expensive to write off  than process the additional small payment.  That is the one and only time that ever happened to us!  It was a result of some interest income where the report was not received until after the deadline for our taxes.  We had paid what was necessary with the information we had to avoid penalties.  The extra two bucks were what was due after we filed an amended return to include the last part.  This year the return more than covers the cost of the computer repair with a little to stick back in savings, maybe.

Speaking of tax returns I keep wondering who is leaking President Trumps returns.  He paid 31 million in taxes in one year.  Had 105 million in losses so he was paying taxes on about 48 million.  His automatic minimum tax was 31 million due to a tax law from 1968.  That law has been revised through the years.  Still a whole lot of money.  It would be tough to have only 17 million to live on for a year when one is accustomed to so much more.  Sounds like a lot of belt tightening for someone in this situation.  I am not trying to be snide about this either.  We all live to a lifestyle.  Reduced income requires lifestyle changes.

With all the sitting with a foot up the Hubby has been doing over half of the cooking.  Hubby cooked tonight's meal.  He had a frozen chicken that he wanted to use for a recipe.  The chicken took a couple of days to thaw.  He split it in half and put some sort of rub on it.  In the oven for about an hour and it was ready to sit for a few minutes.  The aroma was wonderful.  There were a few navy beans from a couple of days ago that morphed into stove top baked beans.  Hubs put together a nice salad and we enjoyed a lovely meal.  That may be the last day for a while that Hubby chooses to cook.  I surely hope not!

That catches folks up with where the Adcocks are.  Ya'll take care.


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