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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Polar Bears

How amazing is it to look up from checking blog stats to see a polar bear swimming on the living room wall.  That is what it just felt like sitting here in this same chair.  In the black boot with my feet up to continue to reduce the swelling in the hoofer.  Not many folks visit my blog cause it is not about much other that what rattles around in my head.  I look up and there is something else to rattle around in my brain, a polar bear.

It was a commercial showing a polar bear swimming in a large aquarium.  The beauty and grace was surreal.  The agitation of the water against the fur created ripples.  Ripples that triggered memories of wind blowing across the ripening wheat fields.  I could almost feel the breeze against my cheeks.  As quickly as the bear appeared it was gone.  I have no idea what the commercial was about and really do not care.  For that moment I was allowed to be in the Arctic in freezing cold water.  Close enough to a bear to almost touch its fur.  To imagine the feel of the currents as the bear paddled by me.  For just that one moment.

Shaken back to reality by something.  Maybe it was the next commercial or the dishwasher dumping the soap.  Something real jumped on my imagination trampoline.  How rude!  For that moment and even while I have been writing about it, I have been not sitting in the same chair.  Looking at the same wall with my foot in the same boot.  For four whole weeks.  Minus one wonderful moment while I swam with a polar bear in icy waters.

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