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Thursday, July 20, 2017

No, Not My Tomatoes!

Earlier this year we had tomato plants come up volunteer in some of the worm farm soil I had placed in the dirt off our patio.  I wrote about this in this post.  The plants were flourishing when we left on our trip.  Granddaughter faithfully watered all the plants while we were gone on our cruise.  Everything looked as good as could be expected in the hot Texas summer.  Hubby gathered probably 40 tomatoes from the plants on Saturday.   The vines had that many more in various stages of growth and ripeness.  Blossoms at the end of stalks had promise of further crops.

This week we had returned to the routine of carrying about 8 gallons of water to the big container of tomatoes. I had put the other potted plants back outside the patio last Sunday.  More water was taken to all the other pots as well as the zinnias that had come up from seed and were blooming.  Zinnias love the Texas heat.  The tomatoes not quite so much but it looked like with some extra care they would continue to produce.  In picking tomatoes we found two developing cantaloupe from the previously not sure vines.

Yesterday afternoon Hubby noticed a lot of noise outside our apartment.  At first we thought it was just the construction trucks from the project north of the apartments.  As the Texas heat had us sitting behind closed blinds and curtains we were just guessing.   Upon opening the curtains we found a mini-excavator removing the current apartment landscaping.  The young man running the machine stopped it and came over to talk to us.  Since I had planted some bedding plants along with the various seeds we had flowers blooming.  He sadly informed us they would need to be removed.  He said is was a shame with how pretty they all were.  And we would have to remove the container with the tomatoes.  No, not my tomatoes!

He said they would not get to that area until Monday to give us time to move all our stuff.  Tomorrow our bonus Grandson will come over to help with the lifting and dirt removal.  I doubt we can save the tomatoes but I am going to try to save some of the zinnias.  Oh, well.  Such is life in a rented apartment.

Thanks fro stopping by for a visit.  Stay cool.


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