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Thursday, July 27, 2017

What I Did Today

Our wedding anniversary was back at the end of June.  We went to the French Rivera and Provence to give ourselves a treat.  Our son and DIL wanted to honor us with a gathering.  The timing did not work out for the gathering to be in June so we are going to party again in August.  Most of the folks that will be at the party are people who were in our wedding party.  All the bridesmaids and maid of honor plan to attend.  One of the girls that served at the cake table will attend.  We could not locate Hubby's best man and one of the groomsmen.  One has passed away so that just leaves one of his attendants to attend the party.

My 2 nieces and 4 nephews were flower girls and junior ushers.  One has passed away in 2015. Another one is a pastor in another state and cannot attend.  Both the nieces will be there and probably two of nephews.  I have not heard from the men who were the real ushers nor the organist.  The reason I am count heads is to determine what I'll need to recreate this photo.

I have no idea why almost no one is smiling in this photo.  I was happy.
One of the groomsmen was our BIL who passed in 1999.  One of his grandsons will stand in for him.  The youngest son of my oldest nephew that passed in 2015 will stand in for him.  Our grandsons will fill in for the missing folks as needed.  The pastor passed many years ago but his son was a close friend and served as an usher.  If he comes I plan to ask him to fill in for Pastor Jim.

I have white t-shirts with fake bow ties for the guys and yellow t-shirts for the gals.  Today I found my veil which is the only piece that will even begin to fit.  And we are working on recreating the lovely hats the girls wore.  The wedding dress is to be displayed.  Unfortunately the detachable train was stained by the box during storage.  I do not know how the tissue paper had come off the train.  

This brings me to what I did today.  I hand washed and treated the stains on the train.  The stains are not as deep in color but are still there.  I will attempt a couple more applications of the suggested treatment to see how it goes.  The method worked on some vintage doll dresses that were soiled so I am hopeful.

The other thing I did today was discover that I still had the garter I wore as well as the penny for my shoe.  Also, uncovered the suit I wore for a couple of wedding showers.  These items had been placed in my cedar chest about 5 years ago.  Prior to then they were all stored in a pasteboard box.  The culprit that stained the wedding gown train.  Now I just need to dig through a couple of boxes to see if I can find the wedding album.  The last move has left a few things still 'in-located'.

Hope your day was well spent.  Thanks for stopping by for a minute.  Always enjoy having you here.

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