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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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For well over a year I have been limiting my calories to less than the daily calorie output.   Sure there were the occasional binges.  Weight has come done about 9 lbs.  In August just before our 50th party I started on a new program under evaluation by our DIL in her current job.  I was doing a 75% in on following all the rules and a few more pounds came off to within 2 lbs. of an interim goal.  Then the weight began to climb again.  Yes, climb again with eating less than the caloric output according to the tracking system. 

This is just so typical for my body.  When some women would lose weight on the 1,000 calorie diet, I would have to go down to 750 to get the same result.  The new system was to reset my food need point.  Yesterday morning I was back to within a couple of lbs of that elusive number I have been striving toward for over a year.  The last five days I have been meticulously following the plan.  No sugary sweets.  No caffeine.   Today I was up 4.5 lbs.  I mean really.  In. One. Day.  This swing is twice in the last 8 days.  So I think I am very frustrated.  I fell off the wagon, ate sugary fig bar and drank two cups of coffee.  I mean 4.5 lbs. 

I'll climb back on that wagon and work on the program yet again.  Will chew s l o w l y  taking 10 minutes with 5 minute break and another 10 + minutes to eat until satisfied.  Total amount should be no more than the size of my fist.  No eating until hungry, level 3.  Drink mostly H2O or H2O with orange juice at a 1 part OJ to 7 parts water.  And I think I will never weigh again till my drawers fall off my flabby rear end.

Have a great weekend!

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