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Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Will Get Better

On Sunday, Feb, 19 we were called that Gene's mother was being sent to a hospital..  Her breathing was labored and sounded horrible.  So the time line for the past 7 days has been crazy!

Monday found Gene meeting with his confirmand in Crane.  Next was his trip to deal with health issues for Edna in Aurora.  I was cleaning house and getting things in order in the event one of the three elderly family members were to pass before I returned home.  About 4 PM Gene returns to our home, unloads groceries and finishes up the supper of spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and garlic toast. John Roger arrives about 5 PM.   A comfort food dinner is served and cleaned up.  I with the urging of a tired body chose to skip the executive committee meeting.

A few last minute adjustment to the hospital bag and I was ready for bed.  That is at least after the hypo cleanse shower.  Up twice during the ensuing hours of restless sleep so we finally give up and just stay up  at 5:30 AM sonic alarm vibration.  Another hypo cleanse shower, get dressed and leave for the 7:20 AM hospital arrival.

My surgery was pretty boring which I prefer for surgeries.  The biggest event for me was my body did not like part of the meds I was given for pain.  My stomach rejected the liquids I had been forcing down to "calm" the upset stomach.  I performed the rejection without getting much fluid on anything except the inside 'The Pan".  Did I mention my room was full of visitors at the time?  Cleared the room so quickly that some had to comeback for forgotten items.

On Wednesday morning we received word my dear Aunt Sissy in California is living in a much better place.  This world will be less bright, less happy, less enriched for this change.  Aunt Sissy was a fun, delightful and positive woman.  She was Daddy's younger sister and the oldest of my three aunts.  How I love my Aunt Sissy and will miss her.  But I know she is with her mother whom she had not seen since she was two years old.

Thursday Gene received a call that his Aunt Lorene had, also, left this life.  Gene was the first of the grandchildren. His dad's 3 sisters that did their best to enjoy everything Gene did.  Lorene was a gifted singer and picker.  Her older brothers and sisters all were standing there awaiting her arrival in heaven.

We have hardly had time to grieve the loss of two wonderful women in our lives.  It is reassuring to know they both have new minds and new bodies to sing praises to God.  No comfort food needed by them because the promise, "It will get better" is now fulfilled for them.
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