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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the Ball

Paintings of Columbia River Valley looking toward
Washington side, Wind Mountain area.
For those of you who have been following my posts, you know we have been incorporating items from Gene's mom and still a few things from my mom's homes.  And scanning numerous photo albums from both families is moving up on the to do list.  About 30 photo albums should take several months or maybe years.

I dislike cable clusters!!!
We have been attempting to get me a "place" to do the scanning that does not have to be taken apart all the time.  You know, something permanent.  Until we get that figured out I am on a folding table in the small bedroom.
80's entertainment center from Edna
with the folding scan table
Took a few days but the table is not the mess as above and another piece of Edna's stuff found a new use.  Some of the photo albums have been stacked on the bed "in queue" as we would have said in CAD CAM 10 years ago.

I like making lists and crossing things off the list.  First of all if you reference post of 1/26/12 you will know I have difficulty staying focused.  Without a list I get nothing accomplished.  Or I start 5 things with nothing finished to my satisfaction.

One project that was high on "the list" today was scanning to a PDF file a 171 page program book for my women's mission group.  Cross that off the list, completed today.  That's not all that was done.  Bulk meat products were divided into meal size portions for quick prep, one roast cooked and served, and the laundry was completed.  Guess you could say I was on the ball today.

It takes a confident person to post this!


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