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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Got A Lot Of Living To Do

I look around me at all the possibilities of ways to spend my time and realize I still have a lot of living to do.  But I seem to always be putting off the fun stuff until this or that is accomplished.  Right now helping Gene with his recovery from the knee surgery and cellulitis is my number 1 priority.  I want nothing else than to care for the love of my life.

One way I can "do" for Gene is brew coffee from freshly ground beans.  And to have a hint of hazelnut adds to his enjoyment of this soothing beverage with breakfast.  Of course, later in the day root beer or Dr. Pepper are other options for his pleasure.  Add blueberries, watermelon, cherries and cantaloupe with meals or as snacks and that is about as helpful as he will let me be.  Oh, and adding ice to the little cooling unit for his leg.

The other "thing" to be accomplished is the completion of the fireplace and floor covering in the living room.  I spent a couple of mornings while Gene was in the hospital reviewing options.  Then Mr. Copperfield came and measured for the job.  It has been fun in some ways making a decision of the look for the resurfacing of the front of the fireplace and hearth.  I suppose that enjoying the task at hand is really doing what I need to do instead of waiting for the fun stuff.  So come along for a few of the options of what to use on the fireplace.

 So shall it be tumbled natural stone available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors?  Or a manufactured stone look that comes in larger sizes for fewer grout lines?  Maybe a mixture of sizes and materials creating a mosaic look?   Since the area to be covered is less than 30 sq. ft. costs between the different options are not a show stopper.  Well, no more than the whole leaking, poorly constructed chimney, rotted wood and termite visitors have been show stoppers.

 Anyway, choices have been made and purchased.   We have laid them on the hearth and one row along the bottom of the fireplace face.  And we are feeling pretty good.  Hope Mr. Copperfield's son will feel positive about the installation when he looks over the project on Monday.  Until then I will have fun going to Walmart to pick up prescriptions, cereal and fruit for Gene.  Cause, you see, I got a lot of living to do.....

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