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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Work & Knee Replacement

Remember back in the good old days when gas stations were really service stations?  The bathrooms were locked but not always the cleanest.  And you really had to look for an open service station on Sunday.  As a matter of fact you had to look really hard for much more than houses of worship, hospitals and family homes to be open.  Back in the good old days.

Those days saw old folks, now referred to as senior citizens, crippled with the "itis" family.  Authur & Bur C. Itis made life a little less mobile for some old folks.  Of course there were a myriad of diseases and conditions that shortened the lives of many old folks.  Nobody talked about the golden years back in the good old days.

Something changed our spending habits or desires.  There began to be a few corner markets open on Sunday as well as hamburger joints.  At least in the McKinney,Texas, area where I grew up.

"Hi, all.  I made it through surgery".  Still groggy from surgery anesthesia.
Gene noticed as I recovered from my February knee replacement that he was not being able to keep up with me in stores, etc.  After a consult with my favorite Dr. Seagrave and PA Adam, Gene had injections in his right knee and hip.  The knee was already advanced enough with arthritis deterioration that the shot did not give the relief Gene for which hoped.  The hip was not showing the same problems, so the injection made a noticeable difference.

Tuesday afternoon 3 hrs.
 after surgery.
Last Tuesday, July 10, Gene had that pesky knee replaced.  He is doing better than I did at this point once pain meds were adjusted.  Of course while in the hospital he fell for all the young nurses and aids along with PT Carol.  And they came to enjoy my big, teddy bear of a husband.  The night nurse even had to give hugs to Gene before the end of her shift early Friday morning.

Gene acting silly for my sis.
Gene came home Friday afternoon after a looong 5 mile ride with the affected knee in more of a bend than was really comfortable.  Saturday was his first home health care visit.  The nurse was pleasant and noted a couple of things to watch like the rash on Gene's affected leg.  For Gene the most important event of the day was the golden ring achievement, the laxatives finally took effect : )  

You put your right foot out...
Sunday morning was a busy one for Gene as he bathed, dressed and prepared part of his own breakfast.  He cut the banana for his cereal, poured the cereal, added vanilla, milk and sweetener.  I did get the cereal down, toast some raisin bread and reheat coffee for him.  There was just time for him to complete his breakfast when the physical therapist arrived.

And you shake it all about!

Doing the PT Two Step!
Now I tell you, the gentleman that came to take care of my 6' 2" husband barely came to my shoulder.  I was certain that if Gene fell I would have a squashed PT on the floor.  He told us the equipment he carried weighed more than he does!  And we were shocked that therapy in home would take place on Sunday.  But then hospitals stay open as do all sorts of stores.  Not to mention that when there is enough rain to make the lawns and landscaping grow, lawn services are in full swing on Sundays.

Grandson, Brad, with his Nana, Cora, 103 yr.
This is certainly not like the good old days.  Heart surgery is common.  We live longer.  Saw a 103 yr. old lady in the hospital that was fine till she broke her hip about 3 weeks ago.  Even with all the modern miracles it is her time to move on to her Lord.  And while I would not trade any of our modern miracles for anything, occasionally I yearn for the time when one day a week was held separate, no work except for an emergency on  Sunday .

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