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Monday, July 30, 2012

Women's Volleyball at the Olympics

Gene has the remote control today so we are watching the Olympics.  It is indoor women's volleyball that is holding our interest.  The USA just beat Brazil in today's match.  Have not a clue how many more matches to go till gold, silver and bronze are assigned.

While working for Texas Instruments I was one of many young women asked to join the volleyball team for the day shift of the Integrated Circuits department.  Carol, my roommate, was tall and worked in the same department so we decided what the heck.  I was neither athletic nor tall.  But it was fun playing with those other young women at the Texins Activity Center.  It was indoor volleyball, not sand volleyball.

Earlier this year the young women at church started a mixed softball team.  I would really have loved to just hit a few balls but I am a coward.  I was afraid I would twist my knee and cause some sort of damage.  Gene on the other hand is being much more of a risk taker with his knee.  He is out walking in the very un-level yard.  The moles have had a heyday in the areas where I have been watering.  As I watched Gene all I could think was one misstep and what could happen to the new knee.

Volleyball does not require a lot of risk taking.  It is physical and can be mental when played at the Olympic level.  Texins volleyball was just women from about 18 to 25 years old having fun and later some burgers at the local Kip's Big Boy.  I sure hope the young women of all the events of the summer Olympics have a great time with both friends, teammates and foes.  But I do still wish success to the women of team USA Volleyball at the Olympics!

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