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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Together!

I am too possessed by my possessions.  The past three months my (and Gene's) possessions from our living room, dining room and one bedroom have been in migration.  I have not functioned at my highest level of productivity, or about anything for that matter, with all this disorganization!  I did not even vote in the primaries!  

The count as of today is the dining table still in a bedroom and a small wall shelf in the dining area making both still out of "place".  The small curio cabinet and its contents are yet to find a permanent home.  But I think I have it narrowed down to one of two locations.  Oh, yes, the child sized rocker that was used first by our son and every child visiting since he out grew it is still in a temporary place.

Gene is even in his chair watching
 nighttime TV.

What difference does it make in the big picture of world events?  None.  But I want order in my life and always have yearned for this.  As a child I kept my socks and other personal items in shoe boxes inside the dresser.  All neatly separated into colors and uses.  The years when days of the week panties were the rage for young ladies, they were in perfect order in the pantie box.  I no longer use boxes in the lingerie drawer. 

Place for a cup of coffee!
And computing in comfort.
So here are a few pictures of the almost together living room.  I shall endeavor to not be as possessed by my possessions over the next weeks.  Making apple pies for the mission fund raising project will certainly keep me distracted somewhat.  But then there is the pond still needing more attention and a mole that needs to be encouraged to live elsewhere.  Guess I was a little premature thinking my life was getting almost together.

Bouquets of lavender from my garden add texture and aroma to the living area.
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