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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cardinal Baseball and Lamps

Oh, my.  How many stranded runners have these two teams had today.  It is now the bottom of the 18th inning, 2 on, 2 outs and 1-2 count .  Pretty long game and another couple of runners stranded by a pitcher swinging.  The teams are now playing the starting pitchers for tomorrow's games.  Poor guy's arms but then that is why they get the big bucks.

Work in progress
I can only watch so much baseball in a single day.  I have busied myself otherwise by emptying the last of the boxes for the book shelves.  Still working on the books, pictures and other stuff arrangements in the shelves.  I had weeded out several books when I packed for the sheet rock mess.  Was considering self timer votive candles for the sconce above the bookshelves.  Read the reviews and decided to wait a bit longer to look at some locally.
Too high to crawl up to turn on or light candles.

One of the first lamps we purchased in 1968 needs a new shade.  I have been looking for several years for a new shade.  During the Card game I have found an online place to order a new one.  Of course the shade costs as much as some new lamps!  We still like the lines of the lamp but it just really needs to be replaced as a portion of the base support broke last year.  Gene did the best that could be done but the baby/old lady is a little lopsided.

Not bad for 44 years old.
We decided to check into replacing the lamp, again while the Cards played 2 games in one as they are now in the 19th inning.  I am just too picky within my price range.  I find a lamp that is something I find pleasing and sure enough $300 plus.  Not gonna do it!  And now with a 6 to 3 score, Pirates, it looks like the Cards not gonna do it either.

While the Cards could not pull out the game today hope springs eternal in both sports and shopping.  Looking forward to the next opportunity for Cardinal Baseball and my search for a lamp.
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